Profess Group Communication Day 1/2017

Ice breaking session
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Profess Communication Day (COMM Day) is a bi-annual event held at the beginning and middle of every calendar year. The objectives of the COMM Day are as follows:

  1. for the GCEO and the GMC to share the Group’s business performance with all staff.
  2. an opportunity for the Management, consultants and staff to touch base, both at the corporate and personal level. This is particularly important, as there were numerous occassions when a project was jointly-undertaken by consultants and staff from different SCEs to get the right blend of competencies.
  3. to reinforce Group Core Values which are : Stewardship, Synergy, Customer Focus, Innovative and God Conscious.

On Friday 20th January 2017, the first COMM Day session for 2017 was held at PKNS Bizpoint in Shah Alam. The event kicked-off with a welcoming speech from Tn Hj Nahar Md Nor, Head, Group Corporate Services. In his speech, he introduced the new SCE-Global Talent Link Sdn Bhd and its new staff, Pn Nor Azizah Abdul Karim. After that all new staff from various SCEs were requested to introduce themselves individually.

The event continued with a corporate game conducted by Jaslizan Jaafar from Irshad. The objective of the game was to reinforce the Group’s Core Values. The game brought positive impact and furthermore it generated closer bonding between employees from various SCEs.

The event then proceeded with the main agenda – the presentation by the GCEO, Tn Hj Mohd Adam Mohd Said. In his speech, the GCEO shared his aspiration that – even though 2017 was touted to be a challenging one – by working closely together, keeping focused on our priorities and always adhering to our Core Values, we would be able to realize our business targets. In addition, with the uncertain outlook for 2017, he reminded the staff to use their resources: time and money wisely. The presentation ended with Q&A Session followed with Hi-Tea.

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