Executive Search & Manpower

Executive Search

Executive search services are essential for your organisation’s talent acquisition strategy, especially for high-level roles. Our extensive network and recruitment efforts enable us to access a diverse pool of skilled candidates. Leveraging our specialised industry knowledge, we can identify individuals with the right abilities, experience, and personality fit to drive success. Let us assist your firm in finding and hiring top executive talent.


Recruitment services are vital for your organisation’s hiring requirements. We broaden your candidate pool, save time by managing initial stages, provide expertise in selection and recruitment, lower costs, and give a competitive edge through top talent acquisition. With our specialised knowledge and resources, these services streamline hiring, ensuring efficient and effective employee selection.

International Talent Placement

Global companies need international talent placement services to navigate the worldwide marketplace. Our services grant access to a diverse pool of skilled individuals and assist you in the complexities of global talent recruitment. With our special license, we offer Outbound Recruitment from Malaysia to any destination globally, with pricing varying based on positions and regions. Additionally, we provide Inbound Recruitment for expatriates and foreign blue-collar workers for a reasonable fee.

Candidate Assessment Services

Our objective evaluations go beyond traditional methods like resumes and interviews. We analyse abilities, experience, and characteristics to improve the quality of your hiring. By assessing fit for the role and culture, we help you quickly identify unsuitable candidates, saving you time. Our specialised services reduce turnover and ensure compliance, but with an additional cost.

Graduate Recruitment & Placement

Graduate recruitment and placement services connect you with talented individuals, fueling your organisation’s competitiveness. Hiring grads can save your recruitment and retention costs due to their lower compensation expectations. We also partner with GLC’s Managers for effective graduate recruitment and placement.

Manpower Outsourcing

Our manpower outsourcing services provide your organisation with a reliable and flexible workforce solution. We meticulously source and supply skilled professionals who seamlessly integrate into your operations, ensuring increased efficiency and productivity. Let us handle your staffing needs, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

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