Human Resource Transformation

Strategic Human Resource Planning

Design, develop, and implement a Strategic HR Plan and Human Resources Management (HRM) Transformation program for your organisational excellence through strategic HR analysis, HR strategic planning, and implementation planning.

Human Resource Policy and Process Improvement

Enhance or develop more comprehensive, effective and efficient human resource management policies, process and procedures to ensure alignment to the strategic and operational needs of the organisation, leverage on the latest HR best practices and compliance with the latest legal requirements.

Human Resource Audit

Conduct a comprehensive study, review and analysis of the current Human Resource Management practices, effectiveness and efficiency and propose areas for improvement to enhance its human resource management strategies and practices in line with the organisational needs and requirements

Job Analysis and Design

Design a more comprehensive and clear Job Description for effective and efficient recruitment, performance management, promotion and training management in line with the organisational and job requirements.

Job Evaluation, Compensation and Benefits

Evaluate the job value to determine suitable job worth and job grading to ensure better internal equity among all employees. Realign the organisation’s Salary Scheme, Salary Structure, Benefits, and Terms and Conditions of Employment to achieve internal equity, maintain external competitiveness with the market.

Talent Assessment and Profiling

Provide ready-made Competency or Skill Tests to measure the skills and capabilities of your current employees. We also provide Psychometric Assessment including Profile-XT, Profiles Performance Indicators (PPI), Customer Service Profile (CSP) and TAJMA Personality Plus (TPP+) to measure potential candidates for recruitment.

Performance Management

Design, develop and implement structured staff performance management system to enable  managers to manage, develop and track individual performance of their team members in a more effective, systematic and productive manner.

Talent Management and Succession Planning

Design, develop and implement a comprehensive Talent Management and Succession Planning Programme by using our structured I.R.S.H.A.D Talent Management and Succession Planning framework, methodology and process to ensure availability of talent and successors for critical positions in the organisation.

Competency and Training Need Analysis

Design and develop Competency Framework, Competency Proficiency Levels and Competency Dictionary. Identify and analyse training and learning needs based on the staff competency gap assessment.

Manpower Audit and Rationalisation

Determine the required number of manpower for effective and efficient implementation of the current and future workload and operation in line with the organisational strategy and business plan. We also identify and analyse the gap between the current and required number of manpower to determine a possible intervention for optimum level.

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