Technology & Digitalisation

Digital Transformation Planning

Helps organisations in strategically analyse the digital needs and plan the digital transformation towards enhancing organisational, service and operation excellence, integrating technology across all functions. We provide expertise in process optimisation, data-driven decision-making, organisational change management, and innovation strategies to drive successful digital initiatives and achieve sustainable business growth.

IT Enabled HR Solutions

Our HR Technology solutions use advanced technology and global best practices to meet your company’s current and future requirements. They automate tasks, speed up decision-making, simplify HR policies and procedures, integrate HR information systems for consistent processes, enable accurate and timely information sharing, enhance communication, and increase employee productivity, motivation, and satisfaction by reducing repetitive work through automation.

Learning Technology and Multimedia

We offer technology and solutions to enhance learning organisation through Learning Management System (LMS), E-Learning Solutions with more than 5000 world-class ready made contents, customised learning video content development, A.I-driven competency assessment system and training needs analysis system (I-TRANS).

System Integration

Our Systems Integration capabilities encompass a wide range of services that allow us to effectively meet your diverse needs. This includes providing and implementing software solutions, hardware components, and IT infrastructure, ensuring a comprehensive approach to integrating systems and meeting client requirements.

Big Data Solutions & Implementation

Companies recognise data as a valuable asset. We offer big data solutions to improve your company performance in a competitive business world. Our partners (Teradata, Oracle, KOFAX, SoftwareAG, AccellTeam) implement these solutions. Through Proof of Value exercises, we identify use-cases, data sources, and infrastructure requirements. We provide essential reporting services for informed decisions.

Technology & Digital Training

Our company specialises in comprehensive technology and digital training solutions. Through our expert-led courses, we empower individuals and organisations to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with confidence. From programming languages and cybersecurity to data analytics and cloud computing, our diverse range of courses ensures that you stay ahead in today’s fast-paced technological world.

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